Monday, June 14, 2010

Why I Hate My Current Apartment: 3

That's a light switch that doesn't do anything. Notice how dark it is in the picture and also notice the on position of this light switch. This is what I'm talking about. There's another light switch in my bathroom that is like this as well. There's actually four light switches that operate the bathroom. There's two lights, each on their own switch. There's the stink and steam fan. And then there's this other mysterious goddamn light switch that doesn't do anything except move from off to on. Probably turns on the hot water in the next apartment.

There's also my "intercom" system which actually provides no intercoming. Oh, it'll buzz a person in, but if you want to ask if the person buzzing your door is the UPS man or an irritating fuck from down the hall who forgot their keys or some mysterious burglar, you don't get to know. You have to let them in to find out. The "Push to Talk" button doesn't work.

All of these are truths that have been truths for the last two years. I've never pursued them with the rental management to get them fixed, so I realize that it's my fault. However, is it too much to ask for shit to work like it's supposed to? I don't think it is.

What's funny, is that I really don't care that much about those broken bits. That light switch, eh, we get by. The mysterious light switch in the bathroom? We just don't use it. The broken intercom? Eh, that's been a problem like 10 times in two years, if that many. It's just the idea that they're broken and they never worked as designed that bothers me. And, I'm not one to cause an actual stink over something that I want to operate properly out of principal.

Does that make me an unassertive person? It says something about me that I've just sort of grinned and beared these issues with broken shit and didn't even so much as make a peep about them. And it's something that I don't like.

Really where we live is just a representative of our characters. So these broken things I've never bothered fixing are indicative of what, exactly in me? What do I know that's been wrong, but never bothered to fix because I just don't care? Eyebrow length? I don't know. I've never been a strong whistler, either. Maybe that's the correlation.

That's probably what pisses me off the most about these broken things is what it suggests about me moreso than it actually not working. Like this broken intercom, what kind of person leaves that broken for two years without even mentioning it to someone who can fix it? I don't know. But I know I don't like it.


I know the above post isn't up to snuff for me, but I'm pretty tired. I slept last night on the couch because I couldn't sleep and it got to a point where I thinking about not sleeping so that means I couldn't sleep. So I crashed on the couch and watched TV until I got my mind off of not sleeping. Anyway, right now, I'm pretty tired and nervous. Tomorrow, I have a doctor's appointment for this episode I had while running on a treadmill. I keep telling myself it's no big deal. I know it's no big deal. But I'd be stupid to not hear the "But you never know" little voice in the background. And I know tomorrow, I'll get tested, poked and so on, but there's won't be answers. Answers come in two to three weeks or something like that. Eh. Maybe I'll know tomorrow. Either way, I hope I get some sleep tonight.


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