Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why I Hate My Current Aparment: 2

That right there is the ugly exposed pipes that run our sprinkler system. This was installed over the past few months. Why was this installed now and not, you know, years before when this place was first built? Well, probably because this building at my entire complex is going or have already went Section 8.

Yeah, affordable housing, sure that's all fine and good. I like affordable housing. But affording housing, you get shit like the last picture. You get shit like the above picture. Yeah, the housing is affordable, but why must it feel so cheap?

The above picture was taken in the pantry of our kitchen. So, maybe you could understand why they wouldn't bother covering it up with a big metal box that's roughly the same color as the wall paint (which they did in the other rooms). The piping is also exposed in our closet. It's just so fucking ugly.

My biggest problem is that this change happened suddenly, without out consent and not up to a standard of decoration that we would want. I mean, we do live here after all. You'd think we'd have just a little say as to what goes on here. They've also recently added dogs to the premises around here. Down the hall, the people have a full grown lab. Cute dog, verily, but it's huge, especially for an apartment, and the thing barks all the damn time. I don't mind the barking too much because it's our neighbors who get the brunt of that loveliness, but you can still hear it, very clearly, a lot of the time. Stupid cute dog.

Really, the pipe just underlined how out of control the living situation we have. Yeah, we live here, but it feels like we've sort of nestled into a suite at the Motel 6. Too much of the place around us lost that homey feeling.

Well, let's be honest, the place never really felt like home. The white-walled box we have at least was comfortable, but with the pipes, the dogs, the shitty neighbors (more on them later), just made living here stressful. When you get off work, you should want to come home because it's relaxing, welcoming and just nice. There's nothing welcoming here any more.

Plus, I think the uptick in rent went towards paying for that new sprinkler system and the allowing of dogs. Well, since I didn't ask for a sprinkler system or dogs, maybe I shouldn't have had to pay for it, right? How Tea Party of me, I know.

Still...bright ass orange fucking exposed pipes. Bullshit, I say. There's no reason for it. I would chicken-bomb this place, if not for the fact that there's nowhere to hide a mason jar full of milk and chicken parts, but I also want all of my deposit back.

And, honestly, the pipes make me nervous. What kind of people do they plan on moving into these Section 8 apartments that they can't manage a goddamn stove? Or is there something else going on? Faulty electricity? Combustible paints? What? fucking ass pipes...


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