Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So, as I was saying...

The other day, I was cooling off after (another) job search/financial stress related argument with the missus when I found myself doing some job searching for her, and "angry eating" all the sugar letter toppings that were left over from her birthday cupcakes. You know those crunchy sugar letters that taste like nothing, they're just hard with a hint of sweetness and they're probably like 400 calories apiece, that's what I was doing. Clicking through page after page of different job search things, looking for anything that seemed right while just popping these sugar letters one after another like I was in some kind of competition. I bet I ate 20 of those fuckers and did not find a single job appropriate for the missus. It was a sad, sad scene. Right up there with what has to be one of the saddest moments of my life, throwing up in the bathroom of my pee-stinking Super 8 room in Vermillion, SD after drinking too much Jim Beam.

So in between the X sugar letter and part of the L (it stuck to the paper), I decided I should blog again, specifically about my attempt to read my library and maybe write here and there about my weight battle as it is still ongoing because I will, at times, eat about 20 sugar letters without cause or need, but out of emotion. Christ, I even recgonized it while I was doing it as emotional binging on sugar letters, but I kept right on chomping.

Reading the library though, that's been a project I've wanted to undertake for a while now. See, by my quick estimation, I think I have about 800 books I haven't read, and I'm quite sick of thinking about that and that I've spent thousands of dollars for hundreds of pounds of what's becoming, obstensibly, decoration. Plus, I haven't really engaged with a single person about what I've read or thought about while reading in quite a long time. And, also, I'm afraid I'll lose my ability to talk about books & writing if I don't, you know, do it.

Let's start this then, eh? I think it's best if I sort of review-as-I-go with the books I'm reading, sort of an out loud marginalia about what I'm thinking about with these books. I don't intend on choosing books for any reason other than that I have them already and that I need to read a hard cover while on the exercise bike because soft covers don't work well.

And, well, here's to (another) new beginning...

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