Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (pages 1 to 3)

Oh, boy. This is what makes people go gaga these days? Bows and arrows? Eating rats? This insistence of the "reaping" (or whatever it's called, my copy of the book is too far away for me to get it right now). To build the suspense about what this reaping is just feels so artificial to keep referring to it with the definite article and not have any effort to define the term. Yeah, I'm impatient. And another thing...present tense? Okay, sure, but it sure is some formal-sounding talk for present tense & a teenager. I guess that's what makes it futuristic. Anyway. I'll get snarky now, but watch, next post will be after I've finished it and I'll be slobbering for the next installment.

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